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Ponte Vedra Beach is usually the location that many individuals looking to purchase a home in Jacksonville FL end up falling in love with a Ponte Vedra Beach Homes. Ponte Vedra Beach FL offers a country club way of life with easy access to numerous shopping and dining choices. Real estate options range from single bedroom condos to unique gated neighborhoods and incredible single-family oceanfront estates

Ponte Vedra Beach is a medium-sized seaside town situated in the state of Florida. With a population of 36,950 individuals and seven constituent areas, Ponte Vedra Beach is the 103rd largest community in Florida.

A superb variety of gorgeous houses are readily available for anybody considering moving to Ponte Vedra Beach FL. The neighborhood’s vast array of residential or commercial properties is all set to accommodate any type of lifestyle or budget.

Buyers can select from condo complexes with top of the line features, elegant townhouses, and beautifully designed single-family homes in family-friendly areas. A few of the best properties in the location are, naturally, the oceanfront estates– a number of these are simply a sight to see! Oceanfront houses in Ponte Vedra Beach are readily available in a variety of designs and styles. They are geared up with glamorous features, a few of which consist of resort-style swimming pools, spacious outdoor patios with stunning views, and more.

Ponte Vedra Beach is an extremely white-collar town, with 93.41% of the labor force used in white-collar jobs, well above the nationwide average. Notably, Ponte Vedra Beach has more people residing here who work in computer systems and mathematics than 95% of the places in the US.

Ponte Vedra Beach Florida is a great choice for families with children for many reasons. Lots of other households with children live here, making it a location where both children, moms, and dads are most likely to establish social ties with other households in the community. The town’s good public-school district and a big population of college-educated adults offer an environment conducive to academic success. Finally, Ponte Vedra Beach’s total crime rate is lower than average for the nation. Many individuals own their own single-family houses, providing areas for kids to play and stability in the neighborhood.

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